RED Subaru

Left hand Rear Wheelarch



As with the right hand arch, the first job was to ensure that the suspension tower that takes all the spring-damper loads is properly stabilised. So I marked up where I would be cutting the rusty metal and started making some replacement panels ready to be welded on. As before, I made cardboard templates before cutting out the rusty bits when ever possible.



(Above) One of the repairs to the side of the arch is done first so there is something to weld to when repairing the bump-stop tower.



(Above) Much of the rust has been cut out and some repair pieces have been tack welded and plug welded into place Ė later to be seamed where required. The top and side of the bump-stop tower required work and what remains of the suspension tower is exposed for repair. The marked cross (width of masking tape) ensures datum points for repair pieces and the position of the rear seat-back-stay.


(Below) Next, a sturdy repair is made to the suspension tower top.



(Above) Again, plug and tack welded ready for seaming where required.



(Above) Here the top has been tacked and plugged. The narrow panel to the right of the earth-clamp, part of the door frame with the access hole, also needed replacement because it was pretty much rusted away where it curves around to meet the inner wheel arch.



(Above) to save time I used a dart in the sheet rather than beat out the exact shape. It looks rather more crude than Iíd like but itís strong and canít be seen from either side. Note that although the back of the arch is still intact, the middle, top and front have been almost entirely replaced, leaving only a small portion of the original. But, as with my other repairs, the crucial dimensions have been retained so itís a much better option than ripping the whole lot out and trying to re-make it from scratch. I also kept as much of the original tight compound curve as possible.††



(Above) From under the arch, the vertical edge (left/middle) is the aforementioned new narrow panel. Iíve also closed in the rusted area around the sub-frame mounting, re-made much of the bump-stop tower and cut out more of the inner arch where it meets the outer skin and parts of the lip of the arch.


COMING SOON: new bump-stop plate and yet more rust removal and replacement.