RED Subaru

Front wings (Fenders)


Itís getting close to sending the red Subaru off to the MOT station for its annual test.Numerous little jobs have been done the last couple of days: Removing the bumper, front valance and front wings and swapping them for better second hand items (the valance is one I repaired last year); fitting another new oil filter because the last new one was only held on by 1.5 thread turns (supposed to be the correct one but it was a crap fit); checking all lights, wipers, washers, tyres, number plates and other items for the MOT; temporarily fitting the bonnet pull (broken) to exit from the grill (annoying Ė Iíve bought a new piano wire type cable but simply canít get it to feed into the old Ďouterí too many sharp turns, I should have opted for the normal Bowden inner); and Iíve put the new bushes and a coaxial bump-stop on the second rear spring-damper unit and bled the brakes.


I was somewhat worried about what I mind find rust-wise under the rotting front wings:



(Above) where the front wing joins the front valance.



(Above) The wings themselves were in a terrible state and the previous ownerÖ.



(Above) had bodged with filler and chicken wire stuffed in between the wing and the plastic liner. The chunk spilling out towards the top of the pic is facing the wrong way having been levered back with just finger pressure.



(Above) Hereís the old valance off the green car with new corners welded on, some rust preventative, some primer and a coat of satin black. I didnít bother to remove the dents because, until the green L-series is converted for off-road use, this car will be used for mild off road adventures as well as being the works hack (for my secret classic car project).



(Above) Well, would you Adam Ďn Eve it?! Under the mess, no rust! There was a small patch on the front cross-member but, having treated it, Iíll repair that when time allows in year or two.So I sprayed everything (not the brakes!) with WD40 and put it all back together.



(Above) Underneath, the front valance meets front wing without rust Ė Iím not going to paint the second-hand wings yet. When the car is replaced by the green machine for off-road duties, the red car will have a re-spray but, meanwhile, it will just be ratty Ė Iíve sploshed some primer on the de-rusted areas.



(Above) Thatís better! Iíve got a bit of de-rusting to do on the doors and perhaps a quick clean-up of the wheels too. Itíll be great to have the old thing back on the road!



(Above) And it was a sunny day too! A quick dust-off and itís ready to roll!


Dear readers, that all the Subaru news for a year or two I hopeÖ.. but I expect Iíll post some pics of the old redĎn out in the wilds at some point!