Wheel Arch PART FOUR

Grinding, filling sanding and painting.



It’s been a while since I posted anything about the Right Hand (Driver’s side in UK) wheel arch. This little sequence of pictures shows it being finished – though I expect it will see some more paint in the summer.


This is where we left it last time:




(Above) The inner wheel arch repairs have been painted with two coats of  grey primer. All the welds on the outside have been ground flat and a skim of filler has been added to hide the joins.



(Above) Some of the inner seams were protected with filler and a coat of yellow high-build primer was sprayed on the outside.



(Above) With the inner arch painted with black Hammerite, the new rubber bump-stop and the spring-damper unit were re-fitted. After a few more coats of primer and plenty of rubbing down the outer arch starts to look not too bad. – If this was destined to be a ‘concourse’ car I’d have spent more time getting the shape exactly correct but, as this is a working vehicle, it only needs to be properly repaired and presentable. 



(Above) Once the colour goes on, you can see the mistakes! But at least it’s all now solid as a rock structurally.



(Above) But after a few more coats of red and some more rubbing down with increasingly finer ‘wet and dry’ paper, it starts to look not at all bad. With the plastic trim reattached it looks as if it has never really been worked on; that’s the odd thing about repair work and restoration, the end result is always unremarkable.


Coming Soon: Now the engine is all finished it’s time to turn the car around and do the LEFT HAND REAR WHEEL ARCH which, being the ‘gutter’ side of the road in the UK, will most likely be in even worse shape…